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The National Trust for Land & Culture (BC) is a registered Canadian charity, established under the Society Act of British Columbia.  It is a membership-based Society, governed by a Board of Trustees elected from and by the membership.  Members may be individuals, families, businesses or other organizations.  Members (age 16 or over) have the right to vote for the Board of Trustees, and on resolutions placed before the membership.  Those aged 19 or over may also stand for election.  All members receive additional privileges, as determined from time to time by the Board.


The Board of Trustees oversees the operations of the Society on behalf of the membership.  The number of Trustees is determined by the membership from time to time.  Trustees are elected for a three-year term, which is renewable.


The National Trust for Land & Culture is a member of the International National Trusts Organization, a coordinating body for National Trusts in more than 50 countries around the world.








THE VISION for National Trust for Land and Culture (B.C.)is:  to be a provincially-based Trust working together with people from all corners of British Columbia, and from across Canada and elsewhere, to protect and care for our natural and cultural heritage on behalf of all future generations.


THE MISSION of the National Trust for Land and Culture (B.C.) is:  “To engage people in the protection and ongoing care of special places in British Columbia.”


THE MANDATE of the National Trust for Land and Culture (B.C.) is:  to engage people in protecting and caring for sites of ecological, historic, cultural, agricultural, scientific, scenic and compatible outdoor recreational value, and to incorporate public education in all of its work and activities.  The National Trust for Land and Culture (B.C.) will be membership-based and governed, and will work in a professional, businesslike and non-confrontational manner to achieve its objectives.


PRINCIPLES:  The National Trust for Land and Culture (B.C.) accepts the criteria established by the International National Trusts Organization (INTO) for full membership in that organization, and will follow those criteria as principles in establishing its objectives and operations.




To view more details of the Society’s Constitution, Bylaws and Policies, please click here.




The current Board of Trustees consists of 5 Members:


  • Bill Turner     (Chairperson)
  • Nichola Walkden     (Vice-Chairperson)
  • Ian Fawcett     (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Kathleen Arnason     (Trustee)
  • Kyle Gillespie     (Trustee)



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