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Welcome to the National Trust for Land and Culture (B.C.)

NTLCBC is a not-for-profit registered charitable organization that works to protect and conserve British Columbia's special places of ecological, historical, cultural and agricultural value. Either by direct ownership and/or stewardship of important sites, or through advocacy and public education, we strive to make sure that our natural and cultural heritage will be available for many generations to come. We are a democratic, membership-based organization, and we invite you to join with us in helping to make a difference.


"We are working to build a framework in which British Columbians can become directly engaged in protecting the special places that mean so much to them. By providing the organization, supports, tools and expertise, we hope to encourage people to understand and treasure the values inherent in our natural and cultural heritage, and to inspire them to take action to ensure it is protected for future generations." ~ Bill Turner, Founding Director