About NTLC (Canada)




The following outlines OUR VISION for a National Trust for Canada (and for British Columbia).




Canada – and especially British Columbia – is renowned the world over for its natural beauty and magnificent landscapes.  It has an abundance of clean water, fresh air, unspoiled wilderness, and superb agricultural lands.  And it has a unique and vibrant cultural heritage that tells the stories of our First Nations since time immemorial, that chronicles the many waves of settlement from all corners of the world, and that gives meaning to our evolution as a country.

We certainly have a lot to be thankful for, and that also means we have a lot to take care of.  Yet, as we are all too aware, so much of this precious legacy is under threat, and we can no longer take it for granted.  Every day, our natural and cultural heritage is being eroded by human encroachment – development and industrial pressures, changing land use patterns and the dumping of waste and emissions of all kinds are all contributing factors.  But perhaps worst of all is the loss that stems from our own neglect of our treasures – a lack of action due to a naive belief that it’s really someone else’s responsibility or, even worse, a sense that there’s nothing we can do anyway.

In every corner of this great country there are special places – lands, waters and structures – that have important ecological and/or cultural values that help sustain our environment and our communities, and that help define who we are.  And for each special place, there are those who care about it, who want to see it protected, and want to do something about it.


That’s where the National Trust comes in.  We want to inspire and harness the desire and determination of Canadians to protect and care for the special places that are important to them.  We want to facilitate and encourage people to get involved and to take action.  By providing knowledge, expertise and the necessary organizational infrastructure, we can be the catalyst that enables Canadians to really make a difference.  By working together – focused on our local areas and our provincial responsibilities, but in partnership with others across the country – we can protect our special places, strengthening the health and vitality of our environment and building the kinds of communities that we all want for ourselves and our children.

This initiative will create the means to achieve this vision.  We are seeking members, investors and supporters to help make it a reality.

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